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Dell History

1984 Michael Dell founds Dell Computer Corporation
Michael Dell
1985 Company introduces the first computer system of its own design; the Turbo, featuring Intel 8088 processor running at eight megahertz
1987 Dell is first computer systems company to offer next-day, on-site product service
International expansion begins with opening of subsidiary in United Kingdom
1988 Dell conducts initial public offering of company stock, 3.5 million shares at $8.50 each
1989 Company introduces its first notebook computer
1990 Manufacturing center in Limerick, Ireland, opened to serve European, Middle Eastern and African markets
1992 Dell included for first time among Fortune 500 roster of world's largest companies
1993 Dell joins ranks of the top-five computer system makers worldwide. Subsidiaries in Australia and Japan are company's first entries into Asia-Pacific region
1995 $8.50 shares of Dell stock worth $100 on presplit basis
Michael Dell
1996 Dell opens original Asia Pacific manufacturing center in Penang, Malaysia. Customers begin buying Dell computers via Internet at Dell begins major push into network-server market. Company added to Standard & Poor's 500 stock index.
1997 Dell ships its 10-millionth computer system. Per-share value of common stock reaches $1,000 on presplit basis. Dell introduces its first workstation systems.
1998 Company expands manufacturing facilities in the Americas and Europe, and opens a production and customer center in Xiamen, China. Dell introduces its PowerVault storage products.
1999 Dell opens second major U.S. location in Nashville, Tenn. Dell opens manufacturing facility in Eldorado do Sul, Brazil, to serve Latin America. Dell introduces "E-Support Direct from Dell" online technical support.
2000 Company sales via Internet reach $50 million per day. For the first time, Dell is No. 1 in worldwide workstation shipments. Dell introduces PowerApp appliance servers. Dell ships its one millionth PowerEdge server.
2001 For the first time, Dell ranks No. 1 in global market share. Dell is No. 1 in the United States for standard Intel architecture server shipments. Dell introduces PowerConnect network switches.
2002 Dell names its Austin Manufacturing Campus the Topfer Manufacturing Center. Dell ships its 2 millionth port in the PowerConnect line of network switches. U.S. consumers choose Dell as their No. 1 computer systems provider. Dell ships its first "blade" server, enters the handheld market.
2003 Dell introduces printers for businesses and consumers. Dell launches Dell Recycling to enable customers to recycle or donate to charity computer equipment from any manufacturer.
2004 Kevin Rollins becomes Dell's next chief executive officer. Dell announces third U.S. manufacturing facility in North Carolina.
2005 Dell tops list of "America's Most Admired Companies" in Fortune Magazine.

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